gray horses in barn
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Your “Only Gray Horses In The Barn” Moment

Wordless Wednesday

gray horses in barn

keeping horses on pasture without foundering
Every Day Training

When You Meet A Roadblock

Hey can we talk?

Temporary training roadblocks.  What have you done with them?  If short on blogging material, I’d love to read it.

We’ve had a couple of excellent rides, there’s been some OK counter canter on shallow loops along the long side and other small parts are coming together.

horse in spring pasture

In between, some really horrid rides.  Not extremely disobedient or dangerous, that’s not how this mare rolls, just unproductive, nagging, (on my part.) and I end up stuck arguing with her about shoulders instead of riding from the leg and focusing on pushing the hand forward.

I’m smart enough to know not every ride is going to be great.

horses getting fat from grass

The girls, getting wide on pasture.

But I’d love to read your posts on which ever roadblocks you’ve pushed through with your horse, and what solved them in the end.  I think it’d be a really fun read!  Fire away!

keeping horses on pasture without foundering

That’s all from the hill.

black PRE stallion
Horses, Every Day

A Special Guy, And A Reading Tip

Jaleo DA has been on the blog a bit before.

He’s one of four PRE stallions at the barn.  While the others are all imported, he’s a little extra special as he is home-bred.  As a 4-year old he has not been standing just yet.

black andalusian stallion

Image courtesy of Kathryn Randall

Thought he deserved to be seen at his best on this site, mobile shots weren’t cutting it!

black PRE stallion

Photo by Kathryn Randall

On to the reading tips, for those days you can’t get enough of horses and their people!

I rarely have time to leave comments on platforms other than my app, but there’s a few I like to check in on to read.

If you haven’t found them already they are worth a try this weekend!

buckskin andalusian mare
Horses, Every Day

Sunday Schooling Show

Serrania, Valiosa’s pasture friend, trying out a show.

She’s a young mare who hasn’t been out showing a lot, but schooling 3rd level at home with Alexis.

buckskin pre mare

Alexis and Serrania in the warmup

She was pretty tense with the new experience but handled herself well, – she looks really sweet when she’s focused.  (And she’s got the smoothest trot I’ve ever ridden.)

buckskin andalusian mare

Spent the day as ground help with Serrania who showed First and Second Level, and Calynda who was a star at Training and First Level.

On the side, some goat sitting.  Literally.

nubian baby goat

10 day old on a leash and a bottle.  Want to stand out at the show grounds, some extra attention?  Baby goat is the way to go!

Check back in this Thursday for another PRE Peep and a reading tip!

shoulder in
Horses, Every Day

Remont Noseband

Back in business.

Sort of on half-power, hand injury is not complying with the program.  But it’s working OK enough 🙂  As long as I don’t do all the things.

dressage horse

drop noseband

shoulder in  First ride in the new Remont bridle.  Or drop noseband to be tacky.  She seemed happy.  Planning on alternating between the thicker cavesson and this.  She likes this one, pretty loose, and hopefully I can help her relax the jaw more in it.riding after injury

remont nose band

alternating nosebands on bridle

So, it’s Monday. Make it a good one!

horse afraid of pigs
Horses, Every Day

Pig Therapy

The “Other Side” of the barn, the dark side, (not really) is seasonally housing piglets in two of the box stalls on the far end.

Some 12 super scary piglets and their piggy sounds.

Gray mare made clear in every way she wasn’t going to head over there.  Ever again.  Even though she’s been there twice, without dying.  A third time would just be too much!  Pushing her luck.

Happens to be where the farrier sets up in those cross ties, so, she’d have to get over it.  ⇒ Pig Therapy.

I won.

horse afraid of pigs

It was a compromise.  She stayed on the “bunny side,” far away from the squeals.  Ribbons on the stall are for the Holland Lop Rabbits, not for the pigs.

beautiful barns

– “We will all soon die.  Why are we still here?”

Her time at this lovely barn might be ending.  Taking advantage of “outside cooldowns” as much as possible!

cool down outside arena after riding

ggt footing
Horses, Every Day

Wakey, Wakey

Good morning to all.

Fresh cords.  Great on the snow slopes.

Almost just as good, equestrian style fresh cords!

fresh cords

Some mornings, better, or earlier, than others.  All the same.

ggt footing

Wake up already!  You’re not still on social media, right?

tack room bridles
Apologies. It’s always great to have you here.

Today, post #501 on the site.  Who am I kidding, I always love having you here!

horse seen from underneath when rolling
Horses, Every Day

Talk To The Hoof

This whole thing with no blankets.

Yeah, I think it’s really over rated.  Unless you really like grooming.

spring thin horse

Valiosa, looking suitably “Spring-Thin.” 

Her and her friends had moved over to another pasture, THICK with grass, when I came out yesterday.  They hadn’t even touched the hay fed the night before, just gorging themselves on grass.  She didn’t even finish her grain after the ride…

horse seen from underneath when rolling

Rough life.

Oh, and today is Pi Day, 3.14.  Zero interest in food blogging, but this cutie just looked so good before baking!  14 Apples, 3 pies – and it just came out that way with no real planning.  Take that, silly thick-stiff finger!

Pie Day apple pie

Happy Pi day!