Colt Gelding Clinic

Yesterday was possibly the last morning with close to freezing temperatures.
Yesterday was possibly the last morning with close to freezing temperatures.


Gelding of the colts.

Drove all bundled up in the car as there was still frost on the ground. (As opposed to this morning, where I stepped out while it was still dark long before 7 am, and immediately had to shed one of the layers).

Really the perfect day to get it done, if you live in Northern California – No frost, no wind, no rain, no mud, no flies, no baking sun, no hard ground to kneel on for hours.

The Colts were sedated in the field.

This is the best way to do it: with no stress, sedated in the field, the colts are led away from their mares for a quick procedure. I have seen it done in a stall, but this is much nicer!

I promise there will be no squeamish pictures in this post of the real gelding process. Both colts were caught calmly in the field, sedated while their mares ate their breakfast, and safely led aside.

A quick procedure.

Hayley workin gon colt

Our new farrier Hayley (more news coming up on her soon), worked quickly while the colts were sedated to do their first hoof trim.

Pat, holding on to his little boy while he is still drowsy.
Pat, holding on to his still drowsy colt.


The vets from Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center did a great, quick job. A nice team work effort; the geldings were caught, gelded, hoof trimmed, wormed, vaccinated, and let back to their moms again during the morning hours.

Catherine Jacobs had two assistants with her, and they all did a wonderful, quiet job!

The guys were more excited than us

The second colt was hard to finish, definitely a bit more difficult to watch for our male audience 🙂

I am glad we have Dr. Jacobs with us to aid. She has seen La Prima, and will be performing her dental clinic soon.

I feel we are in great hands!

Team Loomis - Thank You for everything!
Team Loomis Basin – Thank You for everything!