Have you tried any gastrointestinal supplements?
It’s a question you’ll get early on when talking about your horse not being enthusiastic under saddle. (That, and saddle fit, girth type, marish problems, hoof soreness, spine or rib issues, dental issues… Well, the list goes on.)
Up to 80% of horses in full training, if you are to believe the studies, have some form of ulcers, or beginning acidic issues. Many horses do not have any symptoms at all.

I figured it would be worth it to at least scratch the issue of the list, so started out on some U-Gard (you can find a write-up on the product here, and no, I don’t get any kickbacks from the companies I write about, I just enjoy discussing all the stuff I use in the stable.).

UGuard She hated the powder, but Douglas Feed in Granite Bay were really nice about letting me switch it out to the pellets. Yay Douglas Feed, thank you SO much!

Will be interesting to see if we can see any changes in her after eating it for a while.

After much thinking, I also have something coming from Abler (although their website implies that I probably will not get it before March, so that will take a while.).

I’ll share the product results here later 🙂

I doubt there is anything wrong with her belly, but worth looking into it early on anyway! Instead of scoping right off the bat, a basic palpation can sometimes give show possible ulcers.

You can check out this short video on how and where to palpate: Equine Ulcer Diagnosis by Mark DePaolo, DVM

2 thoughts on “U-Gard

  1. I have never suspected that Max had ulcers, but I give him a feed that contains good stuff for his digestive system. Check out the Equidae website and let me know what you think. I would rather keep his digestive system happy now and hopefully prevent ulcers or colic.


    1. Agreed! I think it is definitely a high grade feed that could help with colic prevention. Possibly hinder further ulcers too, who knows? I’m definitely staying away from any sweet stuff that’s for sure!


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