County Perfection Saddle

New horse, new saddle. Of course.
It was fun, and also really stressful, to try to find a good fit for both the horse and me. A used one of course, since this is Dressage On A Dime ๐Ÿ™‚ We ended up with the County Perfection from County Saddlery. Thanks to Jeane Boice I will be able to ride in this wonderfully cared for saddle. It fits La Prima really well – a bit big for me, but SO comfortable!

The County Perfection Saddle
The County Perfection Saddle

This is the back the saddle had to fit on
The wither clearance was good

Spinal Clearance
Spinal Clearance
County Perfection, side view
County Perfection, side view

No bridging, pinching, or tipping.

Stubben saddle, JRD saddle, Max Hopfner Saddle, Passier Saddle
Stubben saddle, JRD saddle, Max Hopfner Saddle, Passier Saddle

I’m glad to have found one that fit her.

Here we are, heading out with the Stubben
Here we are, heading out with the Stubben

Trudging along with four saddles in and out of the barn and car everyday became tedious. Here they are stored at home. Didn’t want them to become stolen or damaged in any way – this was the best choice.

I hope the saddle will work out really well for us for some time.
Thank you again Jeane Boice, Patrice Palmaer, and Jennette Scanlon for letting me have all the saddles on trial!

Anyone with experience with County saddles – let me know how they have worked out for you – I would love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. There is a County rep in the area, don’t forget that your mare will change with work and may need adjustments to the saddle from time to time. You should have it checked again at least 3 months from now, then maybe twice a year for the first 2 years, by then your mare’s back should be as muscled as it can be, then maybe a reflocking once a year.


    1. Yes, good point! I have already spoken with her. When La Prima arrived I figured she needed close to 100 lbs of weight gain, including muscle. We’re almost half way there. I’m just pondering how long I should ride her before checking it for reflocking – I doubt I will be able to change her topline and the way her withers rise up substantially 3 months from now?… I don’t know how quickly the change will come, since her work under saddle is brief as compared to the lunging, and longer walks under saddle. Well, if we’re can start getting in consistent rides within a couple of weeks, I bet she’ll look really different in that time frame just like you said! I am also considering working with “Saddles and soles” from Shingle Springs…


  2. I just ordered a County Perfection for myself and my girl. Couldn’t find a single used one for sale that had the right measurements, and I’m looking at it as an investment (plus a little treat after finishing graduate school last month). The difference when I rode in the demo was amazing, and she let me know right away what she did and didn’t like. I know in the past customer service has been iffy depending on your area rep, but this one was very helpful with the trial/fitting, plus my trainer has known her for years so I have a good “in”. I’d only had experience with much older models prior to this, but they seem to last a long time and the quality has a good reputation in my area at least.


    1. Oh Congratulations to you on the County! I think they’re lovely saddles!
      The one I had was much too large for me though.
      I have since moved on to a Custom Advantage. It’s OK but not the same.
      Of course, now with my new mare, it doesn’t fit…
      So – soon off for a saddle fitting and a somewhat scary adventure of finding something else that can fit both me and the horse ๐Ÿ™‚
      And, it will have to be a used model, sigh ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Hi, I just found this post while looking at Perfections for myself. I’d love to know if you have any two-years-later thoughts on riding in a Perfection.

    I worry about those blocks being really restrictive (though, maybe that’s a good thing?). Having just sold a saddle that was “custom” for me, but that I fought/hated in every stride, I’m trying do as much info gathering as possible!


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    1. Here’s my two cents:
      The perfection is an extremely comfortable saddle to ride in. The quality is high, and the resale value is really good, especially if you don’t have it custom made, which can sometimes make it a less desirable saddle for others.
      That said, it is NOT a good saddle for me. The seat was very large, with is great for resale value as it will accomodate larger riders… But, I was swimming a bit in it, while my kneecaps STILL poked into the thigh block. The saddle will accomodate a rider whos thigh naturally will fall in a straighter line. Usually a man, or a rider with less lower back curvature than me. I have a very long femure bone, in comparison with my lower leg, and just about any saddle that is small in the seat enough for me, will have those knees up on top of the knee blocks. (I’ve had this happen in a lovely Trilogy saddle, as well as a Custom Saddlery also, so it’s not just the Perfection.)
      So, my biggest advice is to do a trial ride in the saddle, with competent eyes on the ground as well, to see how your lower body fits into this model ๐Ÿ™‚
      That said, I still liked the way it rode, and during the time I had it, it showed barely NO wear at all.
      I now ride in a SDL, Lemke saddle, and I’m absolutely sold on it!
      I never fight it (Like those ridiculous Wintec’s or M. Tolouse saddles), and I rarely really think about the saddle, despite the seat still being a tad too large, at 17.5 – I should be in a 17″.
      Wishing you all the best in the saddle jungle!


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