Equipment Fail

Stirrup keepers are great to use when lunging to keep the stirrups up safely without bouncing around. I thought I could make a stirrup keeper myself with the help of two old, joined, dog leashes.

This is the real thing.
This is the real thing.
Huge fail.
NOT Dressage On A Dime worthy.
The leashes were made of nylon, and after only using them twice, they were already rubbing and scratching the leather on the saddle. Don’t try this at home! 🙂 This is why they are normally made of webbed cotton.
The home-made one...
The home made one…
Just saying…

2 thoughts on “Equipment Fail

  1. You don’t really need to buy stirrup keeper for lunging, you just need to know how to secure the stirrups properly. I can show you how.


  2. Yeah great! Come on out, a bit rainy right now but I’m still there most days. Stirrups have stayed up pretty well now with just double circling the leathers, she’s been very good on the lunge, but it’d be great to know.


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