A few weeks of training – this is where we are so far

Project La Prima has been under way for less than 7 weeks.

While it’s easy to get stuck looking at just how little we are able to do well under saddle, here is a list of the things that she can do really good by now.
She has gained a lot of trust.  Settled in nicely – there’s no question she’s become a very pleasurable horse to handle. Can she get going in the right direction in dressage? I don’t know.

Nothing impressive here, but I am proud of how far she’s come:

  • Lead nicely in halter only, paying attention
  • Easy to catch in pasture
  • Blanketing, no walking off
  • Tacking up, standing still
  • Standing calm in cross-ties, unsupervised, both before and after work
  • Lifting all four hooves immediately, not pulling back (this was a big one, as she both threw herself on the ground and reared up on me the first days of working with this.)
  • Grooming, all areas touched
  • Bridle willingly, no games or head shaking
  • Stand for clippers on legs and tail
  • Mane pulling
  • Braiding
  • Bathing (next step to work on is backing straight into washrack)
  • Booting up on a four legs
  • Stand for farrier trim (Hot shoeing is a work in progress)
  • Take dewormer
  • Mounting, immobile before and after
  • Ride out in large grass field alone and on the property, relaxed
  • Hand walking over obstacles

Sounds basic, but it took a while to get it all in place…togetherinstable
Just a few more weeks and there will be some conformation shots here. Who doesn’t love Before & After shots?!

2 thoughts on “A few weeks of training – this is where we are so far

  1. Surprising to learn that a mare her age would need to relearn all the above, if she was ever taught when she was young. Congratulations on your patience and expertise. She must also be learning to trust you and that is a great start with any horse. Keep it up.


    1. Yes, that is just it – I really don’t know if she was ever taught correctly. Or just had bad experiences. Or simply just decided it wasn’t for her any more. In any event, we’re on the same page now, and on track to become really good partners. The riding part is a whole other story still ๐Ÿ™‚


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