Thank you for coming!

I’m not even sure how you all found your way here.

The whole blogging experience is brand new for me.  Yes I know, some 15 years late…  How great to get this started and find that others really are interested in the trials and failures of me and La Prima 🙂

The blog is going strong, and I am happy and surprised over so many readers and hits so far. Since starting in mid January, there’s been new posts every day, sometimes even more.  There will still be several posts per week, subscribe if you don’t want to miss anything, or just stop by at any time!

Soon I’ll shape up and register this site with Google and all that other good stuff…Hope to see you again soon!

It’s so fun to have you here, just wanted to thank you for coming!

This afternoon I had another very special guest at the farm. La Prima had pulled a shoe and managed to make two small wounds on her hinds. (Ahhhh, blood!) No heat or swelling, but not really the sight you wish for when returning after just one day gone. We still managed to get through with what we came out for – I am looking forward to sharing it with you here later this week!
Now I just need to get the farrier out early…