Sneak Peek

Sharing pictures from Grey Horse Photography tomorrow!

Sunday last week, with a good size rain front coming through, I had a very special guest out at the farm – Heather Shirley of Grey Horse Photography.  She is extremely easy to work with and definitely knows how to take photos of horses.  Take a look at her website to see her many wonderful shoots.

While we may look a little wet and messy, we had such a good time getting these photos done! Won’t you come back tomorrow to see some more?  Heather did a great job and it’s fun to share it here!

This morning I’ll spend getting the mare shod again, probably running into some other fun troubles, and may or may not be able to ride today… To make sure something goes right, I plan on getting a speed workout in on the track – the running has been pretty much on the back-burner since becoming a horse owner.  It has just been so overwhelmingly fun to get to know La Prima.  What happened to all the race plans?