Still don’t know, can we do this?

Gorgeous, perfect day outside yesterday.
La Prima went well on the lunge in the large open arena. The same one that was frightening in several corners a while back.
She looks nice on the line now. I get on – she starts thinking backwards again. Same argument each time. But we do trot now.
Making tomorrow a walk-trot transition day only.

She will transition.  I will remain still.
She will transform, trot, in trance.
Not prance.  I will just enhance.
Yes, that’s what we’ll do.  Slim chance.

In stable after ride

2 thoughts on “Still don’t know, can we do this?

  1. Love your rhyme. Don’t worry, you will get there. Now you are beginning to discover your mare’s history by the way she reacts to your training. Perhaps she was pushed too far too quickly. She seems sensitive, you may need to be very patient.


    1. Thank you Christine! I have never been through this sort of process before, where you put 100% into her, and get so little back in the dressage ring. Patience, need to hear that again. And yes, she is a Very sensitive mare, but brave, and she has become a star to handle in the barn now – hoping she will discover the joy of arena work too 🙂


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