Getting a tail white

Keeping the yellow out of a horse tail doesn’t have to be a chore.

OK, it’s a bit of a pain keeping them white.  Especially with mares.  It can be done.  Without permanent unsightly tail bags.

Shampoo often.  Use whitening shampoo, good conditioner, and hot water.  Pretreat with Oxy Clean.  Spray on before riding, rinse, then shampoo.

Oxi Clean

Yes it works.  No, it will not ruin the tail.  I’ve used this on some really stained tails and they’ve all turned out white, without frying the hair.

Here’s Lancia and I at a show at Rancho Murieta.  Her tail was really silky, and she had Oxi Clean in it often.

With Alexis coaching at the show
With Alexis coaching at the show

Tried to find some shots showing white tails among my pictures – this is it for now, although they don’t show the tails up close very well. Just try it if you have a yellowed tail.  Works wonderful.  Rinse well.

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