Friday Friesian Fancy

A Friesian – such a kind, brave and large horse!
Meet one here.  Just to start off the weekend right – with a horse that really trots!  (As opposed to my bratty bay mare.)

The Friesian I trained with for quite some time while she was up for sale took up a LOT of leg.  Well below 17 hands she still made the earlier warmblood feel small in comparison.

horse behind

This is Rayna, a wonderful Friesian mare who has quite the hind end…  Thanks to Laura Beeman, I rode Rayna for Karmen Mills in Newcastle at Stoneywood Friesians, Laura’s wonderful farm.  It was so much fun – not easy to wrap the legs around her barrel! But at the end of training with her we could get some really nice walk-canter transitions without feeling like splitting in two.

friesian canter
She could be bracy and sort of thunder off, in a kind way 🙂  Such a love, and always the sweetest horse to deal with.  The picture above is from Tamara Watson Pet Photography.

Tamara boarded at the same place, and was so kind and took the picture above, as well as the ones of us from the indoor arena below during a Schooling Show.  Thank you Tamara!

stretchy trot with friesian

She was very insecure during this schooling show – did my best to get her through the two classes.  A few moments of relaxation, but it wasn’t always pretty 🙂

relaxing the friesianWe had time to get to an equitation show too, before she found her new owner. Such a fun mare to ride!

friesian mare
Here she is at her new home. I rode her for her new owner for a while.

There was also Tully.

Chestnut mare
Tully, who I rode at Laura’s place just as she moved into retirement.

Tully is a resident of Horsey Haven, a wonderful horse retirement opportunity with large pastures.

You can find Horsey Haven here.

friesian horse love
Goofing with Reyna

All the pretty horses, I’m lucky to have met them. 🙂 Hugs to this kind mare!

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