Spring is here

Before horse ownership, riding meant driving around to A LOT of different barns.  Riding other people’s horses.

Seeing various barns.  Seeing the multiple different options in doing pretty much the same things, whether it’s training or horse management related.  Very educational.
You learn a lot that way.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, doing things a certain way.  Just because that’s the way it’s always been done…

Now, trying hard not to get stuck in a rut.  To stay open to new ideas .

Have you tried something new lately?

More than just seeing different barns, I also loved seeing new scenery along the way – this is outside Shingle Springs.
Such a beautiful route to take just to get to the barn…
On the way to the barn Hoping you are enjoying some beautiful weather and wonderful scenery at the barn! Take the opportunity to visit someone else and see what they do…

Moonshine Ln
Moonshine Ln
Wrapped up the last three days of work with La Prima outside the arena only.  Braved Moonshine Ln again.  Tried free lunging.  Hacked out all over the property.  She was wonderful, and enjoyed doing something new – I can see her out on real trail rides now.

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