Problem feet makes for very difficult barn and riding boot shopping.
Mine have a life of their own and will start to hurt, at random.  Rotating footwear helps with this.  Wearing running shoes is even better, but they let in dirt like crazy and get wet immediately.  I still wear them most of the time – someone has to make sure there’s enough of people out there looking geeky.  Might as well be me.  Looking for some water proof barn shoes that can accommodate opinionated feet right now.

Thin soled nice looking riding boots are out.  Even though very little walking is done in them, my feet just have to exist inside them standing on hard ground to start hurting.

The Ariat Volant have been great.  volants

Although not the most attractive, especially since mine are too wide in the leg, they still make a bit walking around tolerable.

The old Ariat Heritage paddock boots stay home most days.  They tweak the back somehow.  Instead, I have scored several “paddock boots” at Zappos.  Soft and flexible leather paddock boots can be bought there, without the “horse equipment” price tag.  Here’s the link –
is just fantastic to shop from.  Especially if your feet resemble gnarled twigs.  Free shipping and returns back and forth!

My current Zappos short boots are by Clarks .   Light, cushiony, and very flexible in the sole.  Really helps if you have little wretched feet.
Here they are:

These are from Clarks.  Super comfortable
These are from Clarks. Super comfortable
They actually flex, see?
They actually flex, see?

These new tall boots are comfortable too, and didn’t need any real breaking in. They are De Niro’s in brown.  Not sure how they will hold up to the Volants yet.

My own picture of these didn’t come out as great, but here they are.  Yes, they are comfortable.  Much more so than my thin soled Mountain Horse Victoria.  The hunt for a pair of barn boots that can accommodate a permanently tweaked Achilles tendon goes on…

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    1. Hi! Yes they are great because they don’t have the typical thin Soles that make your feet hurt. That’s a big one for me, and the main reason I like the, much less stylish, Volants. These De Niro s were made for although I believe they’ve been discontinued ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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