Do something other than what you should be doing :)

Doing something other than horse stuff can be the best motivator.

Taking a breather from the horses is usually very good.  Who takes enough breaks?  Not me anyway.
My family is my biggest source of strength.  The real three other people living in my house whom I cherish more than anything.  I love spending time with them, and they can be incredibly funny and help cheer up when the day feels like nothing was improved upon, most things went wrong, and many things broke.
Popcorn evening
Seeing friends is usually wonderful too – I just don’t seem to make enough time for it. There’s always a dog to walk, a scouting thing to attend, or a long distance run to get in.  Popcorn nights with others happen much too rarely.
Read something NOT about horses! Resolving to read NO horse material this week. Yep, that’ll be hard.

Of course there will still be riding!  The arena and entire grounds are swamped now, so we will work on the hills around the property every ride.

Walk out the long flat driveway.  She can leg yield nicely both ways now.  We do a crooked little over bent version of shoulder in at the walk too, but usually get interrupted by random dogs, bicyclists or turkeys in full mating display.  There is also a HUGE cartoon rabbit who lives in an Alice In Wonderland Hole somewhere,  and pops out at random.  Great despooking training and La Prima is doing wonderful.

Short canter up the soft hill.   This should build both strength and a willingness to work in the arena.  With a small wonder, once the arena is no longer a sinkhole, she might trot like nobody’s business once we return.