If At First You Don’t Succeed – Fail. Then Fail Again.

If it’s too easy – you’re not trying hard enough.

Finding a horse that will go perfectly at any time is impossible.  A joke.  The struggle to play together at least some of the time is half the fun.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out at all.  Then it’s called a learning experience.  I’ve had a lot of learning experiences.  Will soon be fully experienced.  In experiencing learning.  And leaning.  And falling off sometimes.

Last spring and early summer I had the opportunity to train with a young Warmblood gelding – Becker.

He had decided he’d had enough of professional dressage arena work and had gone home to his owner to relax in pasture.  Starting him up again at his home, we rode together on the suburban streets in Granite Bay, in a couple of abandoned lots, a few private strips of grass.  He had a blast.

Brought him on as a lease to a very laid back and quiet barn in the foothills – Secret Valley.  Introducing him to trail riding there he was very brave and willing and we had some lovely rides together.
Here’s the ranch – so shady and relaxed!

Secret Valley Ranch
Secret Valley Ranch

The story should end with him going beautifully forward after a few months of varied work and building some muscle. Instead, he started to become increasingly unsteady, sliding downhill, loosing grip on any turns, slipping on the asphalt at a walk.
Finally falling flat on his side at a gentle trot.
With me on top.
No spook. No turning. No wet ground. Something about his hind end.
My hip still hurts at night and around mile six in every run.
He moved on to a jumping barn and some chiropractic therapy. Doing well now.
I moved on.
That’s part of what they teach, the horses, to always move on, have fun while doing it, and sometimes be very good at failing!
Beautiful Becker

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