Rice Bran Review

Thank you for the nice feedback on La Prima’s coat in the last post!

 I’m glad you, too, noticed a difference 🙂  Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) is a great way to add fat into an equine diet, but if you’re like me and not looking for just a weight gainer – here’s a recap of some of the benefits:

  1. Omega Essential Fatty Acids.  Omega 3, 6, and 9, it’s all here, and great for cell integrity and the coat.
  2. Fat. A nice way to meet the energy requirement without adding grains or much carbs at all. SRB’s got 15% – 20% fat, and is usually not heating.
  3. Gamma Oryzanol.  Toted as rebuilding and repairing muscle – abundant in SRB.
  4. Fiber. SRB is around 8-9% fiber, making it a good choice to lessen the risk of digestive problems.
  5. Vitamin E. Plentiful in SRB – great for the immune system among other things. Plenty of B vitamins too.

Started with the unstabilized kind, but quickly moved on to the fortified stabilized, to make sure to get the phosphorus/calcium ratio right. Messing around with oils wasn’t going to cut it at the barn, and I always worry they’ll go rancid in the extreme heat. She’s in great weight now with just hay, the SRB and her ratio balancer.

Using Integrity Stabilized Rice Bran Nuggets now
I am using Integrity Stabilized Rice Bran Nuggets

Integrity Stabilized Rice Bran nuggets are made by Star Milling Company.  You can find them HERE.   I like this brand as they are shaped like nuggets instead of pellets.  Really easy to see the difference between the feeds, and to know which one has been left behind.  Although there’s never anything left of this one!

Just two cups/day of rice bran – usually does the trick in coat shine… It’s been great for us, and I know many people who feed it. Even fed in small doses, it will do a small wonder.

Yes, I still feed grain free, no sugar, and she’s still on a lot of hay, with pasture during daytime hours – grazing  9-7 hours every day.  Already mentioned other supplements such as joint supps,  gastro support, and beetpulp.  While helpful, the biggest coat difference comes from the Rice Bran so that’s why I wanted to share this post.

Here is the analysis on the back of the bag:

Integrity SRB by Star Milling Company
Integrity SRB by Star Milling Company

It’s all good!
Life Is Good
Better put in my great Disclaimer too

“The text you’ve just read in this brief blog post is not a call to action, nor is it meant to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified veterinarian. Do not get your medical advice online, but you knew that already, right? The sharing of knowledge and information from my own research and experience is only meant to compliment your decisions in caring for your horse. Partnering with a qualified veterinarian will always beat reading random opinions from people on the internet. Especially if you read it on a Forum. Thank goodness this is not a Forum.”

3 thoughts on “Rice Bran Review

  1. Hey, I was Googling around about rice bran and came across your link and thought, “I know her!” I wasn’t following along your blog when you originally posted this. I have a question about the rice bran. My TB is skinny skinny (has lost weight in the last week moving to the new barn). He’s on beet pulp now, but I called my vet and she said rice bran would put on weight. I see you feed a couple of cups. Do you have any ideas how much I could feed to put on weight? I read no more than 2 pounds per day. I will call my vet tomorrow, but I thought maybe I could get your two cents too. 🙂 Thanks!

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    1. With my new horse that just came home from a month at a different barn (bit of stress) I’m currently feeding 2.5 lbs of rice bran on top of her 1 lb of Ratio Balancer, plus hefty servings of hay along with light grazing day- through – evening.
      I’ll decrease the Rice Bran as needed when she’s looking good, and add Beet Pulp too because it’s recommended for ulcery horses.
      Definitely check in with your vet to see how far he/she feels you can push the rice bran ratio.
      Above 1 lb/day (Roughly 4 cups, depending on brand, so weigh it out.) it should definitely be a stabilized rice bran with calcium added so you keep the ratios correct. (Below that it may or may not make much of a difference.)

      Worth to note, Rice bran is great for weight gain as it is dense in calories, fairly non heating, and does not upset digestion etc as much as other “hard” or “sweet” grains. However, 2 cups/day on a TB will keep the coat shiny but might not be enough to actually cause gain (or just Very slowly) if he’s fretting and pacing it off each day. Bet your vet will say 1lbs and up.

      Increase a bit each day, as with all food changes. Rice bran can make the manure runny if his system is not ready for it.

      Lastly, to add double whammy a couple of months with my young mare I’m feeding Empower Boost by Nutrena. (Not the other Empower which is a Ratio Balancer.)
      It’s a bit of a souped up Rice Bran (with yeast and goodies to justify around a $35 price tag for a 40 lbs bag) and it is even higher in calories per lbs.
      Very high quality, smells great due to added oils (cocosoya I belive) and horse gobbles it up.
      Sort of like pushing on a handful of Macaroons in front of the TV each night: not really unhealthy, low sugar, good fats, but will really add to the waistline as opposed to snacking on cottage cheese. 🙂

      Let me know how it goes!!!


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