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The tail end – Before and After

Growing out a tail can take a full year.
Who’s got time to wait that long?  As promised in January, here are the before and after pictures of La Prima’s tail, after just 3 1/2 months.  No dramatic change.  Too impatient to wait longer.  She’ll probably rip out her whole tail over summer, just because, so best to show improvements now.
Yay, we do have improvements to show!
The tail end of it all!
Celebrating every small development.


Before Below:  Thin like a veil at the bottom, just a few strands hanging on still.  Some sort of, not sure, mullet (?) at the top.  This didn’t work for me.

1st day at the farm

1st day at the farm

After 2 1/2 months Below:

Top part looking better.  Photo by Grey Horse Photography

Top part looking better. Photo by Grey Horse Photography

Find Grey Horse Photography here.


After 3 1/2 months Below:

Tail After2

On a completely other note…
Somebody new just showed up… More on the mystery man later next week…


Meeting for the first time.  She does not approve.  Yet.

Meeting for the first time. She does not approve. Yet.


5 thoughts on “The tail end – Before and After

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    • She had a full little program 😉
      Because that mare peed on her tail, I washed with gentle shampoo at least every 10 days, conditioning after. Always finger picking, no brush. Using Eqyss Survivor before touching it, to keep it snag free and avoid hairs pulled out in pasture. Checked her stall and run to make sure hairs couldn’t get snaggen on the doorway or wall – often is the case, really helps to take a peek around.
      Also, plenty of turnout everyday on decent spring pasture, and high quality feed along with Farrier’s Formula (the biotin helps.), and Omega 3’s.
      It all worked really well for her!

      Snip the ends of the tail, keeps the edge shapr and less snagging 🙂


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