Great news! A new man in my life!

Since I managed to kill my cell phone last night there will be no pictures from our just about perfect camping night. Nothing went wrong, we had the place to our selves, and my husband got up and lit the fire in the morning. Almost eerie perfect. (Just don’t try to text me until I buy a new thingamajig.)
To add a dab of reality, my son burned his leg pretty good on his marshmallow stick, and we all came home heavily decorated by mosquito bites.   Great trip – I know we will go back!

But what about the new guy I mentioned a little while ago?

He arrived last Saturday, just about a week ago.  Exciting!
What's in the trailer

Here he is!
Out of the trailer

We said Hello and welcome to Castle Rock Farm.  He is a true gentleman.saying hello outside trailer

See jealous girl in the corner peek at what on earth is going on?  Not quite the same look my husband gave me when hearing about this new addition.
outside trailer

La Prima putting on a big show in her pasture as we’re taking Mr. Perfect down to the small pen to stretch his legs.
seeing La Prima in pasture

Diana said good-bye.
Diana saying goodbye

And so did Teresa, who helped make this happen, for all of us.
Teresa said goodbye

By a small wonder, he his here to stay! And he is absolutely lovely! New adventure officially starting, sharing it here with you as it unfolds. Life, positively luscious sometimes.

With two horses, blogging will be a bit on the back-burner as the work has more than doubled. Be sure, posts will keep coming at least twice per week or more. Featuring this guy, La Prima and I. And occasionally a chicken.

All pictures credit to Diana Skibiel.
Thank you for sharing Diana!

6 thoughts on “Great news! A new man in my life!

    1. So many clubs. So many memberships… I’m also member of Chicken Lady Club, Runners With Injuries Club, Spick and Span Club, and an ex patriot of the Cat Lady Club. As well as honorary assistant of the Multiple Dogs Club. Sigh…


    1. Thank you Capitalcowgirl! It’s exciting having a new boy in the barn. Come to think of it, I’ve been riding mainly mares for a long time now. This guy is such a gentleman. And my son’s leg is just fine. Healing magically in just two days or so. Wish I was like that still…


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