Take a peek at a gorgeous Swedish dressage barn

Came across this barn – what a wonderful Place!

This is a clip from a dressage barn in my home country – while it is in Swedish only, it is still worth seeing.   Just turn down the volume if you like.  How on earth do they keep this place so clean?!  Love it!

Segersta Equestrian Center is located in Bålsta, Sweden






2 thoughts on “Take a peek at a gorgeous Swedish dressage barn

  1. Yes, it is very beautiful, must be nice to have so much money that you can build the perfect place to work horses. Didn’t like the look of the weather, must be winter.


    1. Haha! Not dead of winter though. Then there would be layers of snow… I think they have really gone out on a limb to create their dream place and they are giving the opportunity for other riders to come there and train. I think it is sort of a brainstorming place for dressage riders. Love that idea – California has a lot of good dressage, but not so many opportunities for quote “normal” people to go and ride somewhere. I think it’s time for me to take a “research” trip home soon 🙂


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