The Curse Of The Grey Horse

Keeping a grey horse white, not green or manure colored is a challenge

Being a bit OCD with the grooming helps.  Excessive grooming will help keep the coat in check so nothings settles in too permanently.  If that’s what you wish to do, – groom that is.  If squeezing in ride time is on the list too, then it’s best to resign to riding a slightly stained horse on most days.  While jealously glancing at the bay horse owners…

I’ve written about the white tail tips in a earlier post, found here.

Jaworzno keeps his tail fairly clean, and besides, that thing is barely non-existent.  Needs to be seriously babied, not scrubbed.  The rest of his body; a sort of camouflage-pinto-urin look to it all…  Great if you’re into that.  Here he is on his first day.In the grass pen first day

It’s not his fault – just the Curse of The Grey Horse.
Another scrumptious grey horse I’ve ridden was Lancia, at Dorado Andaluz.  She was heavily pampered with showers after each workout, frequent shampooing, and braiding sessions.  Still, she managed to look like I neglected her most of the time.  Here she is in the wash rack in all her dirty glory after a ride.

Lancia at Dorado Andaluz

The short story on keeping the grey horse fairly presentable:

For the body, all the standard tricks apply – using whitening shampoo, often – so that stains don’t set in.  Spraying with a silicone spray (any shine spray is good.) after so that stains have a harder timMrs. Stewart's Liquid Bluinge to stick and can just slide off.  (Not on the tail, too drying on a regular basis.)  Keeping the coat short on the legs both summer and winter to avoid the dingy yellow look there (mostly worth it if showing often.).
Blanketing (not all that great when living in CA.).  Rinsing and scrubbing often.
Using Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing as a final rinse for the body and tail occasionally helps too.

My Dressage On A Dime tip is to try using rubbing alcohol immediately on spots during daily grooming. You can keep a bottle in the grooming tote and just rub it on with a towel. Does not have to be rinsed off and the coat will not fry out dry.  Or, fancier, mix up the rubbing alcohol with Quick Silver shampoo and use that.  (Not too diluted, strong purple color is best.)
If starting out with heavy ingrained stains, mix rubbing alcohol with mild soap and water to make about half a bucket – scrub on the stains with a brush.

Then try to relax about the dirt thing.  Ride so nicely no one notices the discolored horse.  I haven’t perfected that part yet.

Pretty White Pony Boy

Thank you for checking in today! (Photo above by Tamara Watson Pet Photography)

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