In Honor Of Mother’s Day

The ones who matter the most –

– My boys at home of course.  As this is a horse blog, you won’t see much of them here.  How could I not acknowledge them today?  My family – my strength and most valuable source of energy, fun, and love.

The homeboys

My boys are absolute boys – rock throwing, sand digging, mud wearing, scootering, fishing, tool loving, basketballing, scouting, shoe destroying boys who are constantly hungry.  They don’t share the excitement for horses, but listen to stories about it occasionally.  Love them for everything they are.  Feel lucky to call them mine.


Being a mom – trying to do everything right for them.  Knowing the end goal is for them to leave.   A peculiar arrangement.  Miss them already.

Working hard to be annoying and embarrassing at least half the time – or I’m not doing a good job!