TLC Saddle Soap and Conditioner Review

Still in love with this stuff

Not a big fan of how sticky, or tacky feeling, leather can get after using some conditioners?  We have such a dry climate, so keeping tack supple pretty much requires using some type of conditioner regularly.  I use Passier Lederbalsam to Deep condition, but TLC Saddle Soap and Conditioner alone goes a long way.  The TLC remains my favorite regular “once over”  – Horseman’s One Step doesn’t even come close.

You can find an earlier blog post about it Here.  Since I’ve had chance to try all three scents now, it was time for a recap.

The Lavender is great and clean smelling.  The Ruby Red Grapefruit is really fresh and not too strong.  The winner in my book – the Green Apple scent!  Who doesn’t want to go home smelling like a sweet, clean, fruit after  a day of fly spray, hoof picking, mucking, and other unmentionables!?

TLC Saddle Soap and Conditioner

Budget approved at Dressage On A Dime, and lasts for a long time.  Easy and quick to use.  I love it!  Tack cleaning comes last on the long list of barn chores, with this, it actually gets done.  Most of the time.

You can find TLC at their home page HERE.

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