Visit to Dorado Andaluz

It’s been a while since I was out there.

Wonderful to see the farm, Alexis, Suzanne, and the horses again.  10 new little piggy babies too, and a few chicken babies lounging in the luxury of an indoor stall.  For some reason, little piggy babies are attracted to shoes.  They swarm any feet walking in their stall, sucking the laces.  Sort of like a massage.  Here they are:

all the piggies 1
Really cute little babies!
Pig mom inspecting the action. I keep my feet away from her. Alexis says she’s a sweetie but you never know.
momma pig
Also cute was Hermosa DA. She’d gotten so big since I saw her I thought it was her mom, Carinosa DA.
Hermosa in the cross ties at Dorado Andaluz.
And in the arena with Alexis.
Hermosa in the arena
It’s always so nice out at the farm in Somerset, doesn’t matter the weather. Just always beautiful. I rode Lancia and got to see some new tricks Castiza had learned since I saw her last, working on the pirouette and a bit of two tempis. She looked really powerful. Lancia is such a sweetie – I’ve missed her! Always ready to go. Jaworsno could learn a couple of things from her. The two of them would look stunning together, two greys, almost the same height.

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