Yeah! First lesson with Jaworzno!

It was sorely needed.  He knows his stuff – just not sure he wants to pull it off with me…

Alejandro Salazar came out today for a lesson.  He had a clinic at Penryn Oaks, and Jaworzno and I got special treatment at the end with a visit.  So happy to have someone come out and help us from the ground!  Thank you Alejandro!

In the barn, waiting:
Waiting for Alejandro

We worked on getting him a bit more engaged, in front of the leg, and to soften his neck. Jaworzno usually stiffens, and wants to do just about everything NOT to soften at the poll. And if he does, looses all impulsion. He is also completely absent on the left rein. Bulges his shoulders against the inside leg. And either resists the contact completely, or tries as hard as he can to avoid it. In the lesson I got some new tips on how to show him a nice and comfortable way of going, he understood, but was not convinced.

We will practice on our own – I can’t wait to get on Monday morning! – trying to replicate.

To take a few components out of the equation, I decided to ride most of the lesson without stirrups. So much easier to get the correct feel that way.
In the canter, he comes more through.
I don’t get it – how can we be practicing half pass in the canter on our own, yet not be through in the trot on a volte in a lesson?
Such a cute little puzzle to solve this guy!

Definitely we need more forward.  Always.  Until today, I have ridden him entirely without spurs.  Tried a couple of rides with some “barely there” ones borrowed from a friend.  Didn’t make a difference.  Today’s lesson, – first ride with my own spurs.

Don’t know what I was thinking – of course that’s what we have to have on!  I’m too meek – always want to create something soft, too easy, to kind.  Time to move on – he knows his stuff, and will only feel better using his body correctly.   Same goes for lateral work.  Just move over already!  Got our work cut out for us…

With small luck, there may eventually be some mounted pictures.  Not just me standing on the side, like this.

Enough Standing Around