With apology to the Arabian Horse Association

Some pruning…

The Arabian horse should have a long, naturally kept mane.  Just the kind that’s too long to make nice button braids out of, and too thin to stay really tight in a running braid.  That’s not going to fly for us as Jaworzno has a few more years as a performance horse.  Publishing the mane massacre here for all to see:

Beautiful Jaworzno on arrival

Long Mane

Couldn’t bear it to hack it off immediately, it was so pretty.  Leaving it in braids for a few days helps.  Just a tip if you’re doing this on your own.

The mane done up in long braids over the weekend

A few days later.  Ugly fuzzy braids.  And shorter.  Had to be done.

Mane shortened by several inches

With the braids ragged and in serious need of being taken out, the mane is cut to where it’s still longer than desired final length.  Pulling it from the start will make it too thin.

After a couple of days, once washed and dry, the mane is edged with scissors pointing up so it doesn’t look so hideous until there is time to pull it. I just do it over the course of several days.  Mane pulls best when dirty, and after riding.

Done.  In this picture, the mane is still “coarse” at the edges and not yet complete.  Fiddling with it a few more times is better than going too short at once.

Almost done pulling the mane


Button braids will be a snap now.  If I was a great button braider.

Ignore floppy home-made neck fleece.  Growing out the bridle path…

No animals were hurt during the mane pulling and no humans arrested by the Arabian Horse Association.  Yet.