Saying goodbye to good friends

Silvius and Hadrian have been with me this month.

Yesterday we packed everything up and they went home.  Suddenly the huge back pasture seems so empty.  They are both such good-natured geldings and both love to be fussed over.  Here is Silvius in the arena on Monday’s ride.


He’s a little unsure of how to move his big body around still, but really tries hard and is such a sweetheart. We did a good trail outing all over the property on Tuesday and he did great!  He doesn’t exactly have a whole lot of extra calories to spend, so have tried to keep the workload low.
Silvius My friend has been on vacation while this guy, and his companion Hadrian have been vacationing with me. They are both so easy to handle – just big cookie monsters. I think we may have finished off a whole bag…

Check back in tomorrow morning and I will have some ridden evidence of me and Jaworzno.