Fun day at PEC at the clinic!

The third day of our very first adventure off the farm took us down to PEC in Wilton for the USDF Trainers Certification testing.

Jaworzno was such a champ, completely calm and relaxed.  Wonderful horse to go out to events with!  We had a stall which was fantastic.  Now I know he’d also be able to tie to the trailer if need be at a venue – good stuff to know!

Flowers by the main barn at PEC.

PEC in Wilton Main Barn

Short warmup in one of the outdoor arenas, stumbled through a 1st Level test on our own.  Just to see how he’d be.  Finished with a bridle path walk behind the trees.  Got off before he even felt he’d been working.  This was a great experience for him!

Here he is, ready to go home after three days out and about.

Ready to go home at PEC

There were several trainers going through their final testing to become certified by the USDF today.  I had the opportunity to get a lunge lesson by Kalli Bowles.  She was able to pinpoint the main position problems within the first few minutes.

Lunge Lesson 1

Worked on following with the hips and not tilting them forward.

Lunge 3

Wish there could be a few hours of these lunge lessons in my future…

Lunging 2

Here is Nancy – she was also a demo rider with Kalli Bowles.  Here at a Training Level lesson with her wonderful Canadian Warmblood gelding Gandalf.

Nancy and Gandalf

And always stunning Ana Gilmour.  On Nina Clark’s Bob.  Surely he must have a flashier showname…?  Just look at him!

Ana And BobFeeling very fortunate to have been out for some experiences this week!  Good fun!
This morning: Saddle Fitting!  Let you know how it goes.