Third lesson with J. Coming up

Somehow pulling off another lesson next Monday morning.

Funds do not allow frequent instructional company in the dust bowl.  Squeezing it in any way.

Rest of the time, we will be mostly on our own.  Who’s going to talk about my elbows like this then?…

Canter Right

Other excitement of that week will be a visit from my vet.  Piled up a long list of questions.  Mistress of questions.  Wish I was made of answers instead. Posting them here for you if I get any new ones.

Met some of my readers at Chevy’s by the river in Sacramento last weekend.  And they’re not even riders.  Amazing anything of substance can be had from this little horse blog even from people not involved in this crazy life.  So glad to have you!  Thank you for taking time to check in with me and the horses!

Clean Silver Jaworzno, hung out to dry at the tree.

Hanging Out at the tree