Home made salt feeder

Tried a temporary solution to offering loose salt for free feeding – worked out pretty good.

Tested with a kid’s plastic bucket filled with salt – to see how quickly he’d break it and if he’d even want to eat it.
Loose salt feeder

Replacing it with a larger, thicker, and most importantly – free one.

A giant gallon ice cream tub will do the trick.

Neapolitan Ice CreamSome help from the kids to empty it and we’re good to go.

High redneck factor on this.

To round off the ambience, there’s also a salt block testing area set up in the stall.

Salt block testing

Lined up, in various dangerous hanging contraptions;  Redmund Rock, Likit Refill, and Mineral Salt Block. Obviously have too much time on my hands. Please send over more horses to ride.

4 thoughts on “Home made salt feeder

    1. It’s not for every horse, that’s for sure. Just testing to see if he’ll eat some loose salt here and there. And he does. Of the licking options, he likes the Mineral Block the best. Not sure why, as sadly I must admit to trying the options myself and find it distasteful. The Redmund Rock was much better 🙂


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