Getting the cobwebs out

Close friends know I have a penchant for cleaning most things.

Therefore most of the cobwebs in the barn had to come down.  It’s a spider mansion so of course they will be back.  Soon.  But for the day, it was all clean and fresh.  At least the lower parts.

Not as fresh, was the riding.  So incredibly grateful to have another lesson.  Tried to make the best of it for weeks to come.  Must be rounder.  Coming more from behind.  With him, it’s like starting all over riding again.  Seat and aids become discombobulated.  While some horses will bring out the best in you, some will make you look like a pinching, nutcracking, willowy prune packer.  Or a briny clam.

Ride Like You Mean It

Went with the clam for the day.  Not good enough – “Ride like you mean it!”  – advice from the ground.  That’s what I’ll do for the rest of the month.  Nothing less.  Especially since we’re going backward, and work less together than in this picture a few weeks back.  How is that possible?

Jaworzno, always a love, sporting the cute look.


3 thoughts on “Getting the cobwebs out

  1. “Rounder” when forced (‘ride like you mean it’) is counter productive making it nigh impossible for a horse to use the muscles in its neck and back properly.
    If your connection to your horse is getting worse and your trainers advice is for you to become harsher, get another trainer that actually knows what they are doing and will work WITH the horse instead of against them, and the sooner the better.


  2. Hi Sara – glad to have you! Be assured, we are NOT trying to hyperflex in any way and the trainer is not trying to force any harsh methods on me at all. He is simply trying to get me to more actively help Jaworzno to use his body better, the hind end in particular, and to not give up half way after asking. I tend to “sort of ask” – therefore the “ride like you mean it” motto. This is a senior horse who would rather bomb around with his nose in the air and the back hollowed out. Not a beneficial way of going in the long run. Together we must figure out a way to make the ridden work into something physically rebuilding for him. I hope to have him for a long time! Thanks for coming on to my blog! Will make sure to peek at yours 🙂


    1. Very glad to hear it! Most people (including an appalling percentage of those claiming to be pros) don’t know that the horse carries the weight of both the rider and its own body in a sling of muscle and connective tissue suspended between the shoulder blades. Hollow back and high head means that the those muscles aren’t strong enough to carry the horse never mind the rider.
      And it is nearly impossible to strengthen these muscles by sitting on them and pulling on the horses head.


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