Meet some more friends

Plenty of love to go around at our house – here are some more treasured parts of the family.

With the immediate family already introduced; presenting the spotted guardian here.  Not really a farm dog to start, he’s taken up his barn duties like a natural.  Barking at all new-comers.  Digging down various bones on the property.  Eating leftovers from the farrier.  Ignoring most training commands at random.


Hallmark Roll The Dice.  Or Dice for short.  Picture by Tamara Watson Pet Photography

He is a star! Living with a Dalmatian is a fun adventure. Only fun if one is a very active owner.  Which I’d classify as.  I have two, although only one of them come to the barn with me. Loyal clowns, always at the ready, will prove one wrong at most times. Dalmatians are easy to train, but do not always see the value in following all instructions. They’d rather make one look like a fool. A great dog do keep you humble!

dice looking out the door

Above, Dice watching through the door in the tack room.
Below, our other girl, Cielo Do The Math “Pi”, or Flicka  for short, in her younger days.

My GirlMy Friend Flicka.

One more shot for the road.  This one of the one who started it all. He lived his last golden years with us.  Despite all of his quirks as a rescue dog, made Dalmatian lovers out of us.
The One who Started it all

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  1. Be careful allowing your lovely dogs to eat the hoof parings. They can cause serious blockages and your friend could end up needing surgery. I know they can’t resist, but don’t allow it.


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