Summer Saturday Supplement Reviews

JC’s X-Tie Up Review

A handy, easy to dispense tube, with a paste for horses that tie up.

Used for:  Either as a prevention, or for horses that are actively tying up.

JC's X-Tie Up


Promotes healthy muscle function.  No side effects.  Only natural ingredients.  Can also be used successfully for horses with tight muscles to help relax them during work.  (Thought this sounded promising.)

Would I buy this again?

Probably not for just “tight muscles” in general.  While it should work great for a horse tying up, I noticed no difference after using this for three days according to directions on Jaworzno.  He felt the same under saddle.  The paste was not very palatable to him and made for a messy muzzle.  In short,  buy for tying up.  Skip for other uses.  Didn’t find any magic in this tube.

Welcome to the Summer Saturday Supplement Review series.  Short, non-babbling reviews on various horse supplements and horse equipment served up every Saturday.  The series will run during the rest of summer, perhaps longer.  Summer goes on here through September after all.  All reviews are impartial, used on a regular, healthy horse in a normal barn setting by a semi-normal horse owner with no ties to the manufacturer.