Yep, we’re still here

Baking in the helmet.  All skin melting and softening under layers of clothing in the summer heat in the barn.

A good day.  Even clouds in the sky!  Not very common in July!



Jaworzno got a free card and had a pretty easy workout. Feels like every day is an easy day…  Some days I really wish we had some more frequent instruction.  You know how that goes.20140707_090432

Some letters in the arena would be great. Need something to ride to,  That’s why they’re there in the dressage arena – to help create focus and give feedback on accuracy. Among other things. We amble along. Fuzzy.

But having fun doing it.  If it’s not fun, you might as well get off and try something else.  Like weeding.


Finished the ride with a cool down in the front pasture. (It’s a big pasture.) Is it still called a cool down if you finish hotter than when you started?

To ensure complete exhaustion, we also squeezed in some tourist stuff with our Swedish visitor the rest of the day.  Here we are inside the Sacramento Capitol during a tour.  There was A/C so no complaints from me.  OK, feet hurt.


9 thoughts on “Yep, we’re still here

  1. You make your own arena letters pretty easily, using either white buckets with Vinyl letters or 10-12″ PVC pipe cut into 24-30″ lengths. I have done both in the past. Collecting all the buckets might take a while, but buying the PVC would cost a bit more.


  2. I LIKE the bucket idea! Had been collecting Gallons of Milk, but worried about filling them with water or concrete and them still not being sturdy enough… Breaking down in the sun during just one season or so perhaps. White buckets can come from my wonderful mother in law. That could be awesome – she’s given me a couple already and they’ve come in really handy. It will take us awhile to gather enough to make all the letters… Any idea what to put inside them other than concrete?


    1. I used bricks, rocks, or dirt, then I put fake flowers in the buckets to give it all some color. Glad you have access to buckets. Mine were not round but square sided and about a foot tall. Those are very hard to find. Good luck.


      1. OK, it will have to be dirt or something… Perhaps some Concrete. It’s hard, since horses are turned loose in the whole arena field on occasions and they tend to move whatever they can around… That’s why I’m thinking spending some and doing concrete… Well, we’re in the middle of summer heat, so I’ll probably wait on this as a more fun chore toward the end of crazy temps 🙂


        1. Collecting the buckets and gluing on the vinyl letters are a good indoor activity. Staying cool next week will be a priority. Have fun.


          1. You are really not gluing them on as they come with a sticky backing. The hard part is getting them on straight, and that is not too hard. Check Home Depot, Lowes, or the Hobby Lobby for vinyl letters that are large enough to see easily on your buckets.


          2. Ok! I have a few of them already but since the buckets will be curved I don’t know if those hard ones will go on. I might just have to do vinyl all around them


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