A visit to Blue Ribbon in Sacramento

Last weekend, between all the other horse action and the touristic activities, we also paid a visit to Blue Ribbon stables in Sac.

Riding at Blue Ribbon Farm

Meet Paris, a Senior Warmblood mare with a lot of shows under her belt. Or girth. There is some talk about her possibly coming to Castle Rock Farm to live and enjoy the huge areas and a more quiet life.

Although she in no way felt like she was ready for a quiet life. Oh, I hope she will come!

Blue Ribbon

Not sure it’s all clear in this picture, but I’m pretty much doing my best to hold on to her here. Lots of power and she was really happy to go. And go. A fun girl!

Meanwhile, back at the farm.

Summer Jaworzno

Riding Jaworzno, and hey, getting a better square halt! Sweet! We’re getting better, at standing still!

Much better halt

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