Happy Summer Memories

Late night in the barn last night.

Tonight again.  Are there any horse enthusiasts who don’t enjoy the sound of horses eating their hay?

At dusk, deer come up in the horse pastures.  Close, aware, but strangely relaxed.

The farm turns into a wild life exhibit when all is quiet.  Turkey, deer, coyote, pheasant, quail, humongous hares.

The colts of Castle Rock Farm are getting really big.  Both of them 1-year-old.  That’s them in the picture below, always watching what’s going on in the arena.

Summer ride

Mostly they just relax. Or try to kill off the trees.

More summer riding

Wishing you, too, a Happy Summer!
Folsom Lake, at night. Another good place to be.
With our boat on Folsom Lake