Apple-A-Day Electrolyte Review

Summer Saturday Supplement Review: Apple-A-Day Electrolyte

Electrolytes without the sugar Buzz

Perfect time of year to test out some electrolytes.  If you’re looking for an easy way to ensure hydration during heat and/or heavy workloads, this one might just be for you.


A no sugar, no dye, and no fillers trace mineral and electrolyte powder.  This is the original apple flavored source.

Helps with hydration by increasing water consumption and replenishing minerals and electrolytes lost during  work, or during hot weather spells, simply by sweating.



Would I buy it again?

While a Redmund Rock, loose salt, and a ratio balancer seem to do the trick during summer for us already, I would definitely consider bringing this along when going off site, during travel, or shows etc.

Tried top-dressing it on feed, and although my horse eats most things, this did not appeal to him.  Mixing it in a beet pulp mash solved that and he ate all of it readily.  Definitely more granular than powdery.  Probably a good thing!  Try if you fret about water intake or sweat rate.

For my own electrolytes I like to use Nuun.  Portable tablets that pop into any water bottle easily.  Great sometimes for those dizzying hot days in the barn or long runs.  Happy sweating!


5 thoughts on “Apple-A-Day Electrolyte Review

  1. I’ve never tried Nuun, but I’m a huge water drinker. Have you tried 365 Electrolyte water? I have only found it at Whole Foods. I’d love to hear your opinion or “review” on it sometime, if you ever have time. Where would I find Nunn?


    1. Never tried the 365, but I am also a huge water drinker. Downing a full gallon each day at the barn when it’s hot like this. Nuum is very light tasting, not at ALL sugary like Gatorade or Powerade, just enough of salts to replenish. Cyclists used it first, and it was mainly found in sports stores. Now you should just be able to pick it up in most grocery stores. At least in California…
      I think it works wonders on that lightheaded feeling when you have been drinking water for hours and still need more… Just don’t expect it to taste like a gourmet fresh juice or something 😉


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