Farrier’s Finish Review

Summer Saturday Supplement Review:  Farrier’s Finish

Looking for a natural hoof oil with no drying properties?

Farrier’s Finish is a topical that help keep down the fungal and bacterial guys that can turn into thrush, white line disease, or just poor hooves.  Naturally, while also helping with hoof capsule moisture.

Farrier's Finish Ultimate Hoof Protection


A hoof oil that can disinfect and protect the hoof surface while also penetrating the hoof wall to fight harmful microbes at the source deep inside.  Supposedly the product can protect against the hoof destroying bacteria, ensure proper pliability of the hoof wall, and prevent hoof cracks.

It does this without the use of any petroleum, tar, formaldehyde, turpentine or acetone – products that greatly enhance shine and hardness of the hoof but also make it drier, less elastic and shock absorbing, and eventually easier to crack.

One of the natural ammonia binders in Farrier’s Finish is yucca plant extract.

Would I buy it again?

If you’re looking for a natural way to keep up moisture balance and help oxygen passing through the hoof, this could be a good product to try.

I’m normally not a heavy believer in “all natural” products being superior by default, but this one makes sense.  Smells good, not too sticky.

I found it to make the frogs too mushy after several heavy, frequent applications, so only apply it on the outside of the hoof and heels now.

Very liquid out of the bottle.  Annoyingly so.  Putting it into an old hoof oil bottle with a bit of leftover thicker oil mixed in, and a real application brush solves that problem.

Applying Farrier's Finish

Our minor hoof crack problem is history.  Thank you Farrier’s Finish!

Farrier's Finish