When the riding is good…

Two really nice rides on Jaworzno, in a row!

The list of reasons for this small success is long.  Not sure which one made it happen.  Probably a combo of them.  Many days of rest, a change in feed, a sudden cool break in the weather for three days in a row after sweltering 100°F +, a slight increase in body condition, more half halts and less sponging on the outside rein…  Stop moving around with the outside hand already!

I’ll go with the feed and cooler weather combo.  VERY happy to feel we’re making improvements, if ever so small.

Yesterday, tried a few simple changes through the walk.  Complete flop.  We don’t even have steady transitions into the canter from trot.  And the canter itself is not of good quality.  Which says a lot, since I’m not really one to judge such things.

We did do some pretty steady work together though.  Several nice walk-trot transitions without sucking back the whole time and a decent shoulder in.  He felt good, really fun to ride!

Forever overbending

Today, a coyote joined us in the arena.  That’s when riding a senior horse is much appreciated.  It hung out for a while.  We watched it calmly, only 20 ft away.  Not sure what it was after.  Once done surveying us, it slipped through the narrow gate.  A hungry shadow.

After riding serpentines while thinking of the same relaxed trot as the coyote had, I tried a half pass.  Shallow.  Pretty sure we did it just right.  Probably overbending.  As always.  That’s why we lose all forward.  I know this.  Fiddling with the inside rein anyways.

He is a fantastic horse for carrying me.