Electrocharge Review

Summer Saturday Supplement Review: Electrocharge

A quick “picker-upper” to help with horse hydration.  As I’m not involved in Endurance, Eventing, Racing, or any other long-lasting performance discipline, there’s no need to use this product too often.  It does, however, offer an excellent way to quickly replace lost electrolytes and trace minerals and it’s very easy to use.


A rapid acting, concentrated oral electrolyte solution, balanced to replace losses in horse sweat at the right ratio. 

Can be used as a replenisher after performance competitions, or before any stressful event, including worming, to build up electrolytes. 

With added zinc, iron, and manganese.

Electrocharge from Finish Line

Would I buy it again?

This is perfect to keep around extra when traveling.  Two doses in each syringe.  Actually tastes good and seems very agreeable to the horse.  The gel is honey flavored and the tube does not need three thumbs to squeeze.  A breeze to use.  Recommended for finicky drinkers at any event!

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