More Weekend Fun

Great to have a lesson with Alexis yesterday!

As always, rider positioning must improve.  Yesterdays Keywords – ride into the wind.  With a tea-tray in your lap during canter.  And tap with the whip correctly.  Yep, that’s a lot to think about.  Good news is I’ll be shopping for a whip – none of the 5 I have made the cut.

Lighter seat, more forward angle on torso, giving him something to move into.  Pushing the hands forward.  In the end, with practice, there will be less tension and more forward than this below from a ride in July.

sort of tense trot

When you’re not fortunate to lesson very often, recycling the advice over and over during future rides is the way to go. Better remember it all…

It was a full house at the barn – usually so quiet, I also had Paris’ owners out to see the property. We talked. A lot. Next up will be to figure out which saddle will fit her best.

After the ride, in his pasture.

summer pasture