A visit with a Fell Stallion

In a hairy situation.

He’s small, dark and handsome, and he knows it.  Big guy in a small package.

In a hairy situation

Calling out to all the mules on the property, we took off.  Clearly the smallest horse I’ve ridden since age 12.  Felt legal, but barely.

Trot with Fell

Such a cute little guy!  First time out, he behaved well.  What about you – tried something new lately?

With fell stallion

Never take yourself too seriously.

Check back in with me at the end of the month for another adventure with this guy.

5 thoughts on “A visit with a Fell Stallion

  1. I love riding small horses, I feel less afraid because I am lower to the ground I guess! I’ll have to post a photo of me on my shetland pony when I was 12! I was so tall, but that little stallion (Trigger) was strong.

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      1. I totally understand. When I had my shetland I thought I needed a saddle instead of riding bareback all the time like I was used to, but the saddle made me feel cramped like you say. I went back to bareback! I still felt a little ridiculous, being so long legged, but at least I was comfortable. 🙂

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