Hyperkewl Evaporative Cooling Vest Review

Summer Saturday Review Series: – The vest from Techniche International.

Living in the hot inland valley summer climate, there was no end to how much l looked forward to using this.  Sadly it was not love at first sight/use.  Not one to like any sort of negativity at all in this blog, the results still had to be posted.  Dressage On A Dime – wasting money, so you don’t have to.


An evaporative cooling product designed for people working in heat.  Made from a specially designed multifiber polymer fabric, staying hydrated for many hours.  The cooling effect comes from evaporation.  A cost-effective route to protect against heat exhaustion.  HyperKewl Cooling Sport Vest by Techniche International.

Hyperkewl Vest

Surely it will look better on you with no tags. And not wearing it over a funky dress will help too.

Would I buy it again?

Really wanted this to work.  When trying it on in a semi warm indoor environment, it worked within a few minutes.  Felt cucumber cool by magic, and the product had hung there for over an hour without rehydration.  Loved it!  In the barn – not so much.  Perhaps simply too stifling in there.  We all have our limits, and for this vest technology the dry summer heat might just be too much.

Got the XSmall size, unisex.  Maybe it would work better in a women’s fit, smaller size?  Needs to fit tighter somehow?  I would love to try it…

The effect is increased by wind passing over the vest, so instead of a cooling relief inside the barn, it will work better when riding.  For my barn work in these temps, an equipment fail.