Getting the “West” out of a Western horse

Surely it must be possible.

Cooper is a nice 7-year-old blue roan, really barely pasture fit, and would love to get more work. He comes into the cross ties so happy to be fussed over.

Ridden him a bit, just to test it out, in full dressage tack.  He took a few times to get used to the saddle.  And the posting trot.  While he doesn’t neck rein, he definitely likes to suck back from the bit.  But SO happy to work, and a very fun guy.

Here he is in the 50 split outfit, dressage bridle with English double jointed snaffle, and a Western saddle.  If he was confused, he didn’t show it.

cooper half and half


He does come with a sliding stop.  Found that out when we finally cantered, and I sat in for the transition down.  Told him we don’t need to work that hard.

Although I don’t ride him too much, he’s growing on me.  If I have the time I will continue getting on him here and there.  He’s SO happy to do it.  Bet he could do some really nice low level dressage classes!

If you’ve done this in the past I’d love to hear something from you on the process!