Posting light, lighter, lightest

To get the back to come up, or at least give it the best chance of coming up.

Alexi’s advice was to ditch the tendency to lean back, and be as light as possible on Jaworzno.  Light posting.  Been working on that.  His go to move is to push back and resist.  Light posting or not.  We’ve worked some more on that.  Here, probably a bit too much forward lean, but he’s responding.

leaning forward

 He is a fun puzzle to ride.

I tell him he’s supposed to feel like a waterfall in front of me.  He says I’m a dreamer and to get on with it.  Sweat beads up, trickling down my spine.  The skin underneath the leather boots, riding pants, and long socks on top is moist like a sponge.  And that is even before the ride starts…

For inspiration I visit some Swedish blogs here and there.  August 18, – Ingrid riding in a rain soaked arena on her beautiful mare.  (Here is her post)  You can find the home page Here.

In a long-sleeved fleece shirt.  Lush grass in the background.  Dark green moss on what looks like a church stone wall.  I know what it smells like.  How the air feels.  And the different sound the leafs make when moving through moist air like that.

Perhaps its time to pay a visit at home.

Definitely time.  To pay a visit home.