Love what you do, Do what you love

Another early barn morning day.

Just beautiful.  Easy short trail walk for Jaworzno and just one canter circle each way in the arena.  That’s it.  He earned it.  Farrier is coming on Monday, his feet look really good!


Cooper, the Western ridden Appaloosa horse belonging to Castle Rock Farm, has had four solid rides in the dressage saddle with me now.  Wednesday he trotted in side reins for the first time.  Took it OK, but a bit nervous.  A sensitive guy.  I’ve made it a fun challenge to see if he can learn real canter transitions.  That’s going to take a while.

Also this morning, rushing down to Sacramento for another ride at Blue Ribbon farm with pretty Miss Paris.  She was all scheduled to move in at Castle Rock Farm at the end of August, but a glitch has us back to waiting at square one again.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Looking forward to riding her today again!  This is from our very first ride at Blue Ribbon.  She ran, I hung on.  Good times!

Paris at Blue Ribbon