Exhibitor’s Quic Silver Shampoo Review

Summer Saturday Review – Exhibitor’s Quic Silver Shampoo For Grey Horses

Creamy white, Steel grey, Iron Dappled grey, Rose grey, Flea bitten grey, any kind of grey.  All 50 shades of grey.  An awesome shampoo for them all!

exhibitor's Quick Silver


Enhances all light hairs within the coat.  No chemicals, no bluing, no bleach.  Easily removes all sorts of stains.  Leaves a soft coat and will rinse out easily.

Would I buy it again?

This is a great show shampoo!  All the yellow, sallow looking hairs sparkle platinum after using it.  For an extra dirty coat – use a regular shampoo first, then top off with this.  Absolutely NOT the cheapest, but definitely Dressage On A Dime approved.

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