Just say No to the Crud

Thinning horse tail?  Gunk on the tail bone?  Mysteriously shorter hair length?

It’s the curse of the tailbone crud.  Or whatever you’d like to call it.  In looking at the skin on the tailbone, there’s a sort of dry crust coming from it.  Despite washing, moisturizing, hand-picking and no brushing, the tail length keeps getting shorter and shorter.  Yep, that’s the tailbone crud.

Jaworzno came with a thin and sort of misshapen tail.  Melanomas being part of it, but I should have known better when there was a certain, smell, to it as summer came on.

Tail on arrival in mid April.  Just sort of wispy but not terrible.

Tail On Arrival

By early June it was not getting better. Even getting worse! Here it is in all it’s glory, like a little rag after a bath.  The hairs were brittle, and would easily fall out when touched.

Tail after bath

Started with the small guns –
Mild hydrocortisone.
Antifungal number 1
Antifungal number 2
MTG (This usually works wonders for all sorts of things. Just stinks and looks terrible.)
Dandruff shampoo

After a wash one day, there was bleeding at the roots of the hair shafts, and a big nasty thing plopped off, leaving a wound.  Clearly an infection of some sorts.

Intervening now with an army of treatments.

Strong steroid cream.
Strong antifungal cream.
MTG for the weekend.

The smell is gone, less hair is falling out, but a long lush tail is in the far distance only. He might be the type of guy to get regular treatments with Panalog to keep this at bay… Will get some to have on hand next time we have the vet out.

As for now, there’s not a lot left…

Thin horse tail

La Prima’s tail was easy to get healthy and grow out.  Here are my posts on that:

Tail Matters

Tail – Before and After

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Glad to have you!

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