New series starting tomorrow!

under tree jaworzno

(Picture by Tamara Watson Photography)

After a summer full of reviews, it’s time to start something new.

The last post in the Summer Saturday Supplement Review series will be this Saturday morning.  For something different, there will be Horse Happy Hour on Fridays instead for a few weeks.  Come back in tomorrow to see what that’s all about!

Short, as usual.  I’m not even sure what it will all be.  Looking forward to reading it my self…

As always – so happy to have you stopping by the blog and reading!  Sharing the horse adventures with someone is always fun.

While there is so much more to each day than the hours in the barn, I still think they’re the best.  Barn hours, and hours spent long distance running.  Somehow, lucky enough to run and train hard again.  A gift.  Perhaps I’ll talk more about that another time.

For now, have a wonderful day.  Come back soon.  I’m off to do something not horse related.

lets go out