Kool Out Poultice Review

Summer Saturday Supplement Review:  Kool Out Poultice

Poultice HindsHow about a little leg tightening treatment?  After a couple of asphalt walks to change things up this week, poulticing has been really nice.  Keeping the Finish Line Kool Out Poultice in the fridge makes it extra nice to slather on.  I think Jaworzno mainly likes the extra massage.  An attention hog.

Kool Out Poultice from Finish Line


A go to treatment for minor soreness and stiffness after overexertion.  Specially formulated for the sensitive skin of horses.  Easy to apply, non medicated, and can be used everyday without upsetting delicate horse epidermis, also on top of small skin cuts.  Tightening and cooling on the legs, and doubles as a hoof packing.

Front legs with poultice

Would I buy it again?

Yes, for a nice cooling treatment after cold hosing – this is a sweet extra.  Hard to see the poultice in the pictures as the color matches his coat, but this stuff is very smooth and easy to apply.

Not really a heavy believer in poultices or sweats.  However, this is non medicated and very mild.

Why do horses never get cellulites.  Not fair