Growing out a bridle path

Yes, that shaved part right where the bridle sits on the poll.

Not easy to do, as we’re in the ugliest stage now, the mane sticking up everywhere, refusing to lay down and blend in.

Jaworzno didn’t come with the 4-6 inch long traditional Arabian bridle path, but did have a very neat and tidy 2 incher shaved into the mane.  A sucker for thick forelocks, I’m growing it out.  Every barn has their own philosophy on the necessity of the bridle path.  I think they’re tidy.  But a pet peeve is the half-inch stubble.  Not going to happen here!

front braid
Yes, it is possible to get a better forelock – just allow the bridle path to grow in, blend the mane forward, and the forelock will be thicker.  Doesn’t work on every horse, but worth trying.

For now, sitting out end of the 6 + months of unruly growth.  Then we should be good.  Unless I decide he needs it back…

2 thoughts on “Growing out a bridle path

  1. We’re not growing ours out completely, just growing out the edges to make it narrower, but we have that frazzled look as well – I know where you’re coming from on this. D is fine with me using scissors to keep the bridle path in trim but there are horses on the yard sporting a mohican look where the bridle path should be because they don’t let scissors near them!


    1. 🙂 Makes them look even worse, doesn’t it?! I like a neat and tidy 1 inch strip. Key word being neat. If kept up they are lovely 🙂 Good luck on growing it out. I know it’s sort of an unflattering stage!


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